Many people have now read my book, “The Body of Christ in all her glory,” and I am getting a fair amount of feedback about it.  Here in our own fellowship, for my midweek study the past three weeks, I simply read to everyone from my book.  Several comments and questions have shown that the book is being a blessing and that God is using it in people’s lives.  I thought that it might be good for me to answer a couple of questions that have been asked:

Q#1:  Someone asked me why I included the story in my book about Don buying a house for Betty just before she passed away, especially since he knew that she probably would not live very long at that point?

My answer:  Really all of the stories I included in the book are there because they reveal great love that people had for this woman and her family, as well as for others.  It was the exceptional love demonstrated by the people in our church that transformed our church and brought revival to us.  Don sought to buy this house for Betty so that she could have one of her lifelong dreams fulfilled, and she lived in it only about three days.  I didn’t include one additional detail in my book, but because Betty was so weak at the end due to lack of oxygen, she never once even got to see the upstairs of her new house.  Nonetheless, having her own house was a great blessing to her.

Q#2:  Someone in our fellowship made this comment about all of the incredible loving acts that were performed for Betty and her family:  “Well, I’m glad that we know what is expected of us.”

My Answer:  There was never an emphasis at that time that anything was expected of any of us.  I don’t ever remember a sermon comment about how we in the body of Christ need to show our love to each other in of the tangeable and incredible ways that it was shown by us.  Really, we in our church simply focused upon Jesus and His word was taught to us.  It was the Lord who worked in our hearts and gave us this great love first for this family, and then this same attitude began to be demonstrated towards all who had need.   This was the love of God poured out in our hearts and all of the loving acts of people were based upon His love working in our hearts.

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My New Book

Posted: June 17, 2008 in About my books

I am excited to tell you that my new book is now available at and, and soon to be available at most or all of the other online book dealers.  It is also being carried by Ingram.  Also, not only did Aventine Press accomplish publishing this book at a very affordable list price of $11.95, both and are offering the book at a substantial discount from that list price.  Being this affordable I believe that the book has a tremendous potential for a lot of sales and thus may affect a lot of people’s lives for Christ.

About the book.  It is a fictional book about the body of Christ and details our experiences 14+ years ago in a church we were apart of just before stepping out to plant churches and pastor.  Only the names and places in the book are fictional however.  A couple had just recently come to faith in Christ, gotten married, and moved up to WA and started attending our church and my home fellowship.  Not too long after coming up the wife/mother was diagnosed with lung cancer.  She then went through a 2 ½ year battle with the cancer while the church ministered to the family continually. 

The book shows how that our church learned through this experience what it means to be the body of Christ, what the church is supposed to be like and the things that we are to do.  Revival happened as a result of ministering in love to this family’s needs, as people simply began loving each other and sharing the gospel, responding to needs wherever they were found.  The book also tells about how this woman became a spiritual giant in a very short amount of time when faced with her own mortality.  God used her life greatly and the godly legacy of her life continues to live on today.

This woman’s family members provided me her diary she was journaling in through her experiences as well as an expanded testimony given to the church two weeks before she passed away about all of the things that God had done through her life through her illness.  I have also gotten quite a bit of input from those who were there at our fellowship at the time and knew us and this woman and her family well.

You can learn more about the book at the book’s web site:

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