About Me

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My name is Jim Bomkamp, and I live in the upper midwest and serve as senior pastor at Calvary Chapel Green Bay, WI.  I am also a published author. This blog expresses my desire to discuss with you topics I consider relevant to today and the everlasting plans and nature of the creator of the universe, as we well as to tell you about my books I have written.

I came to know Christ in 1973 as a freshman in college and after getting heavily involved in the hippie and drug culture all throughout my teen years. I also played guitar in rock and R&B bands beginning in the sixth grade.

After coming to Christ I had a tremendous hunger for the word of God and also felt called someday to fulltime ministry. So, I headed off to Bible college where I graduated with a couple of degrees.

For about 20 years (beginning in 1978), I was heavily involved in Christian rock and jazz/rock bands using them as a platform for sharing the good news I had received.

In 1980, my wife and I married, and I later went back to school for an Electrical Engineering degee and then began work after graduation in the high-tech field. Since 1984, I have always worked to some degree in software/electronics engineering, and also in ministry teaching and preaching, and also playing music for worship and outreach.

Since coming to Christ, I have known that my life belongs to Christ, and wherever He leads me I will go, and whatever He calls me to do, I will try to be faithful in doing. 

You can go to Calvary Chapel Green Bay’s website by clicking here:  http://calvarychapelgb.com